A bit about

BORN and raised in England, with a dream and fire in my belly to help change how we humans live on this planet, I am dedicated to speaking and motivating as many people as I can touch, a billion is my intention!

Be-ing me?

We all have a purpose here in this universe and my vibe motivation, pretty much my whole life I have been told I talk……A LOT! I don’t and won’t ever apologise for that. I love speaking, I love seeing how what I do impacts lives.

Happiness is free, sometimes we don’t always remember that. The world we live in has many challenges, yet I know that every single one of them has a solution! it depends on how much you want to discover/create it.

I hope that when you listen to me it inspires you, divides you, triggers you, motivates you, challenges you and calms you.

Mostly, I do hope it triggers you into doing what works for the most important person in your life….YOU.

The universe is infinite, as a being in that universe, makes you infinite to!

I can’t tell you how many years it took me to do that. When I truly learned to drown out the noise of other opinions, and truly claimed me for who I am and what I am here to be.

For years, an obsession of needing to “know” took me on a very varied journey full of amazing highs and catastrophic lows. I lived it all, I needed to travel that way to get to here and now.  Truly learning to let go and live with flow, embrace simplicity means that I no longer waste energy on be~ing something I’m not, living someone else’s purpose. 

My life is about breakthrough in many ways and that is what I’m here to share, my vibe, my journey and my truth. Take and make of it what you will, whatever that is, is all good with me. 

Your life, your journey, my life, my vibe. 

I connect people, I share my wisdom, I share my vibe and I do it all because as a dancer in life, I am all about flow and simplicity. 

How can we connect and create what you are seeking? Is it growing you, your business, your connection? 

You are reading this for a good reason, tune into what that is. If it involves me, you can reach me here.