I am Inspiring Motivating a Creative Rebel

I am one of those people you meet in life that makes you stand back and take a deeper look; a look at certain aspects of your life and question why….in a profound and reality bending way. The message I share is how I have come to live a limitless life and why and how we can all live a life beyond limits. 

My mission in life is to create a world where unconditional love is the vibe, to inspire and motivate individuals to start living exceptional lives by letting go of the need to fit into the model of reality that currently guides them and to share my philosophy of ‘YOUtopia’

I am the original “Creative Rebel!” I came here to disrupt in a positive way, break the status quo and to live my way. Fitting in was never for me. 

I spent many years of my life fighting for approval in my family and in the corporate world only to realise that the only approval I ever needed was my own. It is my journey from corporate to YOUtopia that is a story worth sharing. My audiences (delegates) are gripped by my narrative, connecting with the level of realness and vulnerability in which I share my message. There can be tears, there is always laughter and there’s heaps of learning. Delegates leave inspired and feeling ready, and brave enough,  to take on the world with some tangible tools and techniques for living life on new terms – their terms! 

What I talk about

  • YOUtopia – Creating Your Version
  • Being YOU | My Story

Who is it for

  • Keynote Speaking
  • After-dinner Speaking
  • Conferences

Taking the first step - talk to me.

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Clare simply delivers… On a subject that is sensitive to all but Clare can offer value and sensible/creative advice/guidance to all levels, including the 18 yr old just starting off in life to the very experienced CEO of a global organisation… I have personally gained from Clare’s advice, been inspired when listening to her live speaking at various events…
Mark Hamilton-Taylor Fly Agency LTD
Clare was a keynote speaker at Headz Up Business, International Women’s Day event in March 2014 at Walsall FC. Clare spoke to an audience of 100 + women in business and professionals. Wow, and wow her talk touched all levels, she was energetic, engaging and brutally passionate to the point that everyone left the conference totally buzzing! As an organiser we experienced unprecedented levels of social media activity post event with everyone sharing footage of Clare’s talk. Clare is infectious and being around her, one feels anything is possible and all is achievable. As a speaker she is excellent, inspirational and totally comfortable talking in front of large audiences. An added asset with Clare is she also understands the importance of marketing her talk prior to an event. We highly recommend Clare as a business speaker and look forward to inviting her to talk at future events.
Pushpa Alexander
Headz Up Business