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Getting motivated and taking action are two very separate thing in themselves. I am not only going to set your event on fire, I am going to get those people taking action. Too often we get fired up in the moment and then go away and the momentum drifts. You want to create momentum, then I am the speaker you need to help you event create that.

I share stories of life, love and the hard work it takes to achieve happiness. Yes I said happiness, because success and money are a byproduct of happiness. For so many years I was only driven by money, it was only when my world came crashing down around me that I realised that I was “barking up the wrong tree” as they say. Very British I know, yet very true.

I will share raw and real with your audience and share how your soul has to be happy for you to truly shine in life.

“Clare was a keynote speaker at Headz Up International Women's Day. Wow, and wow her talk touched all levels, she was energetic, engaging and brutally passionate to the point that everyone left the conference totally buzzing Clare is infectious and being around her, one feels anything is possible and all is achievable. As a speaker, she is excellent,

What I talk about

  • YOUtopia – Creating Your Version
  • Being YOU | My Story

Who is it for

  • Keynote Speaking
  • After-dinner Speaking
  • Conferences

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As a leading trainer, coach and consultant in the area of Public Speaking, Presentation Skills and Effective Communication I am very reluctant to promote anyone that is not at a Master Class level. I have no qualms whatsoever in promoting Clare as a first class speaker with an abundance of straight talking material to share with her audience. She is excellent.
Lorna D Sheldon
LDS International LTD
Clare simply delivers… On a subject that is sensitive to all but Clare can offer value and sensible/creative advice/guidance to all levels, including the 18 yr old just starting off in life to the very experienced CEO of a global organisation… I have personally gained from Clare’s advice, been inspired when listening to her live speaking at various events…
Mark Hamilton-Taylor
Fly Agency LTD