Being human comes with it's own set of rules...the ones you create!

Can you even remember how you got to where you are today? Was it all planned out and now you are living the life of your dreams? Maybe right now you are laughing, laughing because it’s a big NOOOO. What you are really feeling is this.”I ended up here because life took over, I lost control and now I am not sure if I even know where to start finding my way!” 


That’s more like it really isn’t it. And how do I know that, I was YOU.

The fact is you are super successful at what you do, but your heart, it doesn’t sing. You feel like you have created a monster and simply have no clue how to change this. You feel trapped as everyone around you thinks you have the “perfect life.” The reality is you thought this was the perfect life and now you have it, well you are miserable. You are scared to say that out loud because you have become so accustomed to saying what everyone else wants to hear.

You have an idea where you want to go and what you would like life to look like, the fact is you really have no clue at all “How” to get there or even where to start.

Living a life on Purpose is the Purpose of Life!

Let me explain...

A Pioneering Methodology…

What I do isn’t like other coaches. In fact I’m not only a coach. I’m a change maker, I’m a guide, I work on reading you with the tool kit I have. I use my intuition and where we start is with really getting clear on where you are, what isn’t working for you, what is working for you and creating a vision of what your life could be like if you committed to “Being YOU” This is support like you have not experienced before.

That’s how I roll.

Support and Accountability simply gets outcomes and that is what I want to make sure you get. Outcomes that mean you have a happier, simpler and balanced life. When you break it down whoever taught you to be human? Yes you have had role models but did they model to you the life you want to live? Or was it a version of a few peoples that we need to bring together with your own strategy and design to create you the life of your dreams? 

This is what I do and do well. For me it’s about getting results for my clients. 

I help mainly women who have been burned out by a corporate life that simply didn’t work out the way they imaginged. The reason I’m so good at that is because I was a burned out corporate woman who was wondering what the heck she was doing with her life when I hit 30 and finally admitted I hated my work and had to change everything. So I got a coach and the rest is a good book filled with everything you could imagine. Which again gives me a mountain of experience to help and guide you. 

What I help create:

  • Profile you so that we can get you living in your very own strategy and design. I use Gene Keys, Human Design, Feeling code and Archetype profiling. I then add my intuition to all of that and I will know you and help you to know you better than ever before in your life. 
  • Then we work on your “Dream Vision.”  What do you want your life to look and feel like? Let’s get super clear and get creative. The world is your lobster 😉
  • Next we make it happen. The “Dream Vision” is your road map for the next 3 years. You can start with me and then take it from there or keep on going. It’s all down to you and what you want to create.
  • I will help you create the Vision and the How, you do the work and lets fly!

Shall we have a conversation to discuss more?

Life waits for no one, it also has a plan that you can create when the time is right.

I have options you can choose from.

  • On going 121 support
  • “Come Alive” Programme

Would you be open for a conversation and lets see where we start for you?

Prices start at £444 per month for 121 (min 3 month term). The Come Alive programme is POA as it is indvidual to each client.

Contact me on 07739730622 or to discuss your options.