Mental health Vs Emotional Awareness

So, let’s talk about mental health awareness vs emotional awareness because this month it is mental health awareness month and I’ve learnt over the last couple of years that really the big thing going on here is really about feeling emotionally safe. I met somebody about two a half years ago who’s really changed everything for me with regards to understanding what goes on for me when it comes to my emotional wellbeing because really that’s what we’re talking about here why have we labelled it mental health? Because the word mental in itself can have really negative connotations, can’t it? And we know out there that for a long time we’ve lived in a very judgemental society. We’ve lived in a society that is more geared towards pulling people down than boosting them up. In fact, I heard on the radio yesterday that a ‘certain platform’ has an algorithm built to promote hatred rather than support for each other… WTF??!!

like, you know when you consider that we are one human family and that we are one human family together and that we are one group of people that really should be here to unite and support each other, why the hell are we judging each other?

You know one of the things that has come up for me in the last week (I had a complete meltdown on Friday and I am open to admitting this, I had a really challenging time and I went into a very deep dark place). Luckily the person that is there to emotionally support me was there and had massive space and loved on not what I perceived to be going on and as a result of that I had a massive breakthrough and I have leveled up again. 

(And next month we are gonna be launching on the 20th (we start a five-day build up to our launch on the 15th of November) but we are launching on the 20th November, the rise and shine community which is a space to help you rise, shine. A safe space to help you thrive to help you learn the tools that you need to deal with these things but that is for another day.)

Why I feel compelled to talk about this, is I’ve had a very interesting journey with my emotional wellness over the years. I’ve experienced depression, I’ve experienced the real deep depths of depression. I’ve experienced some significant trauma over the last ten years and actually, I have worked with myself, I’ve worked with amazing people to come out on the other side of it and to heal those traumas and to do it with no shame because again you know, what the heck is this society that we live in about where we shame people around money. I’ve had some really shit, difficult times with money and you know I’ve had some massive highs as well. Yet the shame part is the part that people seem to wanna know more about and people seem to wanna focus on and why again is that? You know when somebody is in financial difficulty, why is it that people are quick to pull them down and shame them rather than say ‘how can I help you, what can I do for you?’ And the community that we’re creating is absolutely about this but the thing is my vibe in totality is about helping people to thrive to grow to be more, to have more, to become more, to heal the wounds, to move forward, to be independent. You know, I’ve got so many different business opportunities at the moment where you can actually create your own income streams and if you watch me you’ll know that wellness is massive on my agenda and the whole emotional well-being comes into that as well because when our bodies are not firing on all cylinders and when we are not really well. Then the fact of the matter is you are gonna have imbalances, you are gonna potentially suffer with depression and suffer with issues because ultimately the chemicals in your body are not balanced and yes I do believe that there are certain instances where there is a need for medical intervention where depression is really really bad. What I also know is that you gotta love on people to help them through this because the side effects and the negatives of some of that medication are f**cking catastrophic and I am being a bit sweary this  morning because this is an area that I am massively passionate about. My body is my absolute temple, my mind is a massive asset and the fact of the matter is, unless we are seriously looking after ourselves and looking at every aspect. Then how can we change? You know I’ve been saying this for a few weeks now we’ve had this banging on the drum of don’t put the strain on the NHS. Ok great, don’t put strain on the NHS. What are you doing to boost your immune system? What are you doing to clear out the toxicity and the shit in your body? What are you doing to support your emotional wellbeing at it’s absolute maximum level? Because if you truly don’t want to put strain on the health services globally then what really the focus needs to be for you is about making your body an environment where this shit can’t live. You know I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again people tell me oh well you know even well people get this. BULLSHIT!!

Well people, don’t get this stuff when they deal with what’s going on inside. I finished, a week ago last Friday, my second thirty day detox of this year and believe me my body is on fire. I am testing things and my body is rejecting what it just doesn’t wanna eat anymore. I’ve got no craving to eat certain things that I had massive cravings for before. I am eating completely clean. I am putting amazing juices into my body. I’ve just finished my anti-inflammatory juice for the day and do you know what happens if i don’t have this every single day? Then I get bloating in my body. And that’s really interesting isn’t it? That that’s something I’ve taken immune system boosters for probably nearly a year now but taking this as well is putting my body on a whole other level. When you think about what’s going on in your head it is only one part of the equation. You’ve gotta connect the head and the heart together. Because when you do that when you truly bring those two together and realise that they actually act as one, and your heart is twenty thousand times more powerful than your mind. You can truly heal anything. We saw again yesterday, didn’t we? Gunther from friends, I was a massive fan of friends but he was taken by prostate cancer. Now you know what’s interesting, when I watched the friends reunion over the summer and he came on video I could see there was something wrong with him. I had no idea at that time whether it was public knowledge that he was obviously dealing with cancer. My first knowing was hearing it on the news yesterday that he’d passed over. I’ve got a friend that was given six months to live with prostate cancer four and a half years ago and he’s completely cured himself. Now don’t get me wrong you know, he’s had a bit of an up and down journey along the way but the fact of the matter is you can heal your body completely. Everything you ever need to heal it is on this planet already and it doesn’t come from a farmer. So if you really want to live your most amazing life. If you wanna heal from inside out if you want to seriously thrive your life and not have these instances where you are just not well. I mean everybodys got a cold at the moment, haven’t they? So many people have got a cold. You know what you need to do if you’ve got a cold? Go get yourself a bottle of colloidal silver off amazon i’ll post a link below this post. Or actually more importantly come and talk to me about detoxification because if you look at the post below this video that i shared this morning. It talks about toxicity in the system and I’m just gonna pull this up because this is something I’ve been learning more about recently, and It’s totally and utterly blown me away.

But let’s talk about what effects metal toxicity have. What are the associated symptoms of mercury toxicity in particular? Well basically here we go. 




Persistent cough

Bad breath

Compromised cognitive function =

(Poor memory

Difficulty multitasking

Difficulty finding words

Lack of initiative

Inability to concentrate

Inability to make decisions

Lack of motivation

Changes in mood)

Mercury can also have profound effects on mood including 




Fits of anger 

Panic attacks

Mood swings

Loss of self confidence


Being easily embarrassed 

Feeling overwhelmed

Feeling easily discouraged

Loss of sense of humour

And a life that seems endless and a joyless struggle. 

Any of that sound familiar to you?

Psychiatric symptoms of mercury toxicity



Persistent death wish

Suicide attempts

Obsessive compulsive disorders

Manic depression

Panic disorders


Then other nervous system disorders can include

Difficulty articulating words

Numbness and tingling


Difficulty doing fine tasks such as typing or adding numbers




Loss of coordination 

Restless legs

Reproductive function 

Sexual function

Did you realise that maybe one of the reasons if you’re trying to have a baby that you can’t have a baby is because of mercury toxicity? And you might say to me well I’ve never been exposed to that Clare. Yea it’s all around you! We’ve got other issues, reproductive issues for women bringing on mercury heavy or missed periods, severe period pain, premenstrual tension, miscarriages, stillbirths all of these things, down syndrome in children is caused by toxicity in the system. 

Let’s talk about the urinary system 

Kidney damage

Frequent urination 


Difficulty urinating

Urgent need to urinate and a variety of kidney and bladder diseases.

Musculoskeletal, nervous system disorders:

Let’s talk about that these can have effects such as:

Tender sore muscles

Rapid fatigue

Joint pain 



Muscle cramps

Lower back pain 

Muscle weakness

We can add cardio to that list and we can talk about 

Heart palpitations

Irregular heartbeat


Racing heartbeat

Abnormal heartbeat

Low or high blood pressure

Frequently feeling faint 

Elevated blood in cholesterol

Easy bruising and bleeding

You know, Where do you want me to stop? Because If you go and read this post, and it’s a bloody long post. But there is everything there we are talking every single ailment that you are experiencing has got metal to do with it somewhere. So let’s bring it back to your emotional wellbeing. 

The end of the video was cut off. Sod’s law eh? But anyway what I was saying is that your emotional well being is so important and the reason for this is over the last 18 months a lot of fear has been put out there. A lot of negativity has been put out there and do you know what fear does to your immune system? It supresses it.

So, really if you want to be the epitome of health & wellness… you might wanna check out The Root Brands. This stuff changed my life!! You know, do I look well? I feel amazing I’m 46 years old in a few weeks, I don’t feel 46 my body is functioning like an absolute boss. Everything in me is flying. Why is that? Because I have literally cleared the shit out and I am continuing to do so.

My body is the most valuable thing i’m ever gonna own, And the same goes for you, so if you really wanna  know about how you can totally transform your mind and your heart and everything around it. Then Check out The Root Brands or come and talk to me because there are so many opportunities infront of us us. And wellness is the absolute buzz for the future. Why? Because… do you wanna keep living like this? Do you wanna keep living with restrictions? Well let’s stop focusing on the problem and start focusing on the solution and the solution is getting you well. Shall we talk? I hope so. I’ll speak to you soon. 

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