Your journey to Financial Wellness…

Learn what you need to know about how to increase, manage and keep your money!

  • Would you like to have control over your finances and have the freedom to spend your money on whatever you please?

  • Would you like to change the way you manage your money so you always have more than enough?

  • Would you like to increase your earnings and never have to worry about money again?

The reality is no one ever taught you about money. It’s like getting into a car to drive it having had no lessons! You just wouldn’t do it because you would be scared that you would crash……yet you handle money every single day with no idea how to do it in the most productive way for you!

Money is often one of those ‘taboo’ subjects that many people go to great lengths to avoid, however, just like anything in life, avoidance is
seldom the best strategy for success. If your finances aren’t giving you (and your family) the freedom and life you’re meant to live, I
understand exactly where you are you right now, I’ve been there. So many people seem to struggle with money (and I should know from
working with over 3,500 individuals over the last 18 years), yet money doesn’t have to be clouded by stress, embarrassment, shame, guilt and worry. Whether you’re a company director, professional footballer, actor, self-employed or employed, all money problems stem from AT
of the following 3 causes;

Lack of financial awareness, money (mis)management or poor money mindset

The solution is here….

It’s not a course, It’s a LifeStyle

The M.O.N.E.Y PT program is a uniquely designed and powerful program that will change your money habits forever, developed by The Money PT, you will be shown how you can walk the path to financial success and ultimately financial Fulfillment by combining these essential elements that you need to become your own Money Mentor.

If you are tired of not having enough money, living month-to-month and existing rather than living.  Not doing the things that you love because your income is just not enough – then we can help you, we know that what we will share with you in this 90-day program Will create positive change in your money life. You can sign up in seconds, click the link below.

In this 90 Day online program, MPT will unfold every little detail you need to know about mastering money and taking control of your finances. 

Become a Money Mechanic and fine-tune your Money Engine….

Money Tree

  • Ever wondered why you are the way you are with money? 
  • Ever wanted to make the changes to make things better but just get lost in all the constant overwhelm of other peoples priorities?
  • Ever wanted to find a simple way to do things?

Imagine a life with enough money to spend on anything you choose.

  Freedom with Money

  Debt free and save £1000’s

  Money to have fun with

  Choice on what you do with your money

  Excess money in the bank

It’s all about choices, will you choose to change your story today? 

  • Are you ready to take responsibility for where you are right now?
  • Are you ready to create the changes you need by in your life by taking ACTION now? 

What we WILL promise….

  • To help you to create new habits that will lead to you making more money

  • To show you how you can think, feel and manage money in a proven and effective way

  • To show you how and where you are spending £1000’s that you didn’t even realise, on things that really aren’t that important. 

What we WON’T promise…..

  • To make you a millionaire overnight

  • To make all of your money problems vanish in an instant

  • To wave a magic wand and increase your income over night

You can  embrace your new money story for the amazingly low investment of 

Just £222 inc vat

A gift for you – You will also get 3 free months membership to our amazing EMMA Money Membership site.

Napoleon Hill said

Money is timid and shy, go after it and seduce it” 

he also said 

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.”

And that’s where this all starts, with your head!

The only person that can make this happen is YOU, go out and GRAB this opportunity with both hands and buy yourself the best present EVER!

This powerful online program is about simple bite size steps that WILL change how you  “Do” money. We will take you from struggling to surviving, to thriving and then to succeeding massively. This is a no nonsense structure program that is specifically designed to get results. It’s a program for those who have already tried different courses, money management systems and coaches, and have quite frankly had enough with struggling and want to make categorical changes for good!  This is not a course, it’s a life style.

Please read on and check out the video that will tell you all about it and how you can secure your space.

This unique programme has been developed with science behind it as 90 days is what it takes to change your habits and mindset, providing you consistently take small action steps towards the changes you wish to create. Every fortnight you will be hanging out on Zoom with Clare for your dose of realistic, money management goals and in between each call you will be able to put the steps in place to make these goals a reality.

Session 1: 12.07.17 – Introduction and Money Consciousness  

In week 1 you will get the details fully of what is to come, small actionable things you can do straight away that will help you and the homework is some simple exercises on “Money Consciousness.”

Session 2: 26.07.17 – Understanding Money Habits and where they come from

In week 2 you will complete our “Where’s my money Quiz” to help you see where you are spending most of your money. We will then move on to uncovering the money blueprint that was created for you in your formative years and help you to understand the sub-conscious programming you have that has resulted in your being who you are today. We will then show you how to start to change this.

Session 3: 09.08.17 The Nitty Gritty

In session 3 EMMA is going to share with you a system that you can implement right now that will mean you can take control of your money management. The problem for most people is they just don’t manage their money in the most effective way. What happens then is you never know how much you have got and end up over spending and not having enough. This system will teach you that you have to make more of the money you have and also give you lots of money saving tips and guidance. 

Session 4:  23.08.17 – Income Options

Where is your money coming from right now? How does everything stack up? How do you create more? These are just a few of the things we will be answering for you, plus a whole lot more.

Session 5: 06.09.17 – The Captive and Creative Mindset

Your head is where a big part of changing your money life lives. How you think and most critically What you are thinking is a key component to why you are where you are right now. In learning how your mind works and how you can re-program it you will gain essential tools to change how you think.

Session 6: 20.09.17 – Visioning 

This is the session about creating the new “Vision” of how you would like life to be. You will then go on to learn about energy and how you need to use it to attract exactly what you choose to have in your life. This is where you declare what you want for life and put the balls in motion to create it. 

Session 7: 04.10.17 – Consistency and a New Money Life

It’s all well and good starting things, they key is to embed the changes. We will share some science with you about how this physically happens, that will really make you stand up and understand how the mental changes happen. 

Session 8: 18.10.17 – The Review and your next steps

This final session is about reviewing what you have learned and changed. We will share simple tactics you can use to keep improving and most importantly what are the next steps you need to take to keep the improvements happening. 

Money PIG

Investment now £222

Make the first move to “Change your Money Life Style”

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Don’t take just my word for it, here’s what people have said about the founder of EMMA Money – Clare Turner-Marshall who created this program

John Sherry

Energy Coach and The Energy Reader 

Clare is one of life’s little secrets, that should be a BIG AWARENESS. Her pure desire is to help you get the best from your life and business and aspire for the success you want and has the skills to help take you there. But she is more than a coach and mentor. She is a human being with a huge heart, genuine to the core, caring and supportive in all you want to manifest, stunning in her knowledge at what activities to develop and what mindsets need firing up. In short, she is ALL ROUND INSPIRATIONAL!

Come to Clare if you want to turn your life around and make success and happiness part of every single day. She believes in you, works for you, tries for you, connects with you, and so eagerly wants prosperity to come your way. She is a rarity, a gem of a soul, and a person I’m so honoured to meet and work with. If you want a better tomorrow, contact Clare TODAY!

Susanna Westwood.

Singer, Songwriter, Choreographer & CEO of Imprint

Clare is an outstanding coach!
I began working with Clare and I have seen my business and personal finances change dramatically, she has helped me reach levels of success with my business that I didn’t think were possible.

Clare is so dedicated and passionate about what she does, she gives practical advice and motivates you to make the changes needed to truly succeed.

I have to say I was scared to make the step of getting a coach, especially for the areas of finance, but I am so glad I did. Clare has invested her heart and soul into helping me this past year, which has resulted in me obtaining investment for my business Imprint Productions.

I just can’t thank her enough!!! Life-Changing!

Vinilla Burnham

Costume Designer

Clare is an expert in her field when it comes to managing money, teaching and inspiring others how to have a positive attitude and approach to dealing with all aspects of money. I would highly recommend Clare to anyone that finds managing their money a challenge as I did!

Sally Harris

General Manager at 1st Self Access Storage Ltd

When I first met Clare I was struck by how passionate she was about passing on her knowledge, when I got the chance to book on her course I was excited as I knew it was going to be life-changing.
Clare has really made me think about who I am around money and encouraged me to take stock and make a plan for the future not just for today but ongoing, for the first time in a long time I feel confident that I will make difference to my future wealth and happiness Thank you Clare, you are a Motivating Money Mentor………

Ready to get going? 

Derek Mills

Hay House Author, Leading Personal Development & Wealth Management Expert, Unique Inspirational Speaker, Mentor

Clare is very special. Having witnessed her speak, coach, interview, and having spent time with her I know that she is a person of high integrity. I will absolutely recommend her to people who need her services, as standard, because I trust her and her content.

Ready to have happiness with money in your life?

The M.O.N.E.Y P.T program will help you to be in control of your finances and have the money you choose in your life!

Suzanne Pool

Love your Food, Lose your Fat | Weight Loss Coach, End Yo-yo Dieting, No Diet Diet Plan Specialist

Clare tells it like it is. I listened to her and I laughed because what she said was true. I didn’t like it but it was… It took me a while, but once I started doing what she told me things started working for me. Clare is good value, insightful and straight. She’s also compassionate and knows that life isn’t always the roses we’d like it to be.
Clare makes a difference and that’s what you want in a finance coach!