A place of discovery for truth where raw and real honesty will help you grow   .
A place of discovery for truth where raw and real honesty will help you grow   .

They say that the circles you move in determin your life. 

How are the circles you move in right now empowering yours?

For many years I have wanted to create a space and a place where people can mix and mingle. Grow and evolve. Meet and expand. Vibe and Love…

I finally did it! The Vibe Circle has been born. 

Here’s the “Vibe” you experience being part of it…

  • A monthly chat with an amazing human here to help you evolve your life in every way.
  • A Monthly Vibe Class  ~ 40 years plus of life experience and much of it pretty crazy means I have lots of perspective and insight to share. Call it your monthly pep talk on happy pills that will actually improve your life 😉
  • Something fab from the montly guest that will vibe up your life.
  • Meaningful, evolutionary and expansive ways of setting your life on fire in a phenomenal way.

Get in, it’s all going on and well unless you join me you’ll always wonder! 

My little injection of happiness on tap for you….

Who's the Vibe Founder?

Who's the Vibe Founder?

I’m Clare Turner-Marshall, the founder of Vibe Circle. Status quo breaker, a creative rebel and a change creator…

It’s simple, you are either living your life as an example or a warning. The fact is that you can only be who you can be based on the programming you have had.

I’m going to challenge your beliefs, values, and view on life. Everything….WHY? To show you that there is perspective on everything. To help you learn, evolve and become your version of YOUtopia

Why you need the Vibe Circle in your life!

Why you need the Vibe Circle in your life!

We are going to...

Vibe up your health Vibe up your wellness   Vibe up your mind

Transform your health Transform your wellness   Transform your mind

Most importantly transform your heart!!! Heal the wounds. Then you can create the vibe in life they means you just smile all.the.time. Your heart is the most powerful part of your body.

The amazing humans I’m going to bring to you will give you all the information you need to make all of the above your life.

You were born into perfection and then life taught you limits. You have been taught to think small, play small and fit in. 

The Vibe Circle is full of the crazy people who came here to change the world and help you change yours.