Why Wellness ~ Cure the Causes.

Wellness, is it one of the current buzz words or is there really something there that has a meaningful impact on life?

I am one of those people that really likes to delve into things and know the facts. And being totally honest, wellness has been a massive part of my life for many, many years. I’m going to share with you why and the impact it has had on my life.

Over 24 plus years ago I really started to get into the holistic way of healing me and I really wanted to understand what this type of healing the body was all about. It was a life experience that triggered this. I got chronic acid reflux and I was told by my doctor I needed a pill. I said a skeptical ok, and asked how long I would need to take them for. His answer floored me…..forever!! Wow, I said forever? 

My next comment stopped him in his tracks….I said ok, I was fine three weeks ago, why aren’t we looking at what caused this? I can’t get my head around why you are telling me I need to just try to prevent this rather than cure it? Why would I do that? He said cause that’s how it goes!!

I knew at this point that it was time for me to start learning and understand why this is how we feel it’s a way to deal with health issues. The me today knows that the pharma industry doesn’t make money out of cures, they make money out of preventatives. But let’s stay on track, that’s a story for another day. 

Anyway, Why Wellness?

We have been told a huge amount over the recent past about what not to do so that we stay “safe!” We have been told to not put strain on our respective medical services so that we don’t add additional pressure. What we haven’t had any of is, make your body and environment where illness and disease can’t live.

I haven’t been unwell in years. I have had a few energetic episodes where stuff shifted from me and I felt rubbish whilst it was coming out, yet actual illness isn’t something I experience really. When I started to learn about how I could help my body I really jumped in both feet. I am now a living result of how I live, how I feel and what I put in my body as well as what I take out. Here’s a bit of a lowdown on what you can do to create, for want of a better word, a hostile environment inside you so that you can thrive and not get struck down by illness that quite frankly is a waste of the time you have here on earth.

  1. Let’s talk water
    Now many say that you need to hydrate and I completely concur. As I sit here writing this I am drinking a bottle of alkaline water. A glass bottle that is. I have now drank this type of water for over 10 years and as I said earlier I haven’t been unwell for years as a result of this. The facts are clear, disease cannot survive in an alkaline environment and I am living proof of that. My doctors records are none existent and I feel the most amazing I have ever felt knocking on the door of 46. I have made my body a space where it can’t exist, I don’t want to waste my life being ill, I want to live and chill because I can.
  2. Food and Detoxing
    Now what you eat is up to you many say you are what you eat and when it comes to food that supports you that is totally true. Five years ago I nursed my Mom to her passing after a very short and horrific illness that was cancer. I don’t hate much in my life but I hate cancer. The main reason is it’s totally preventable and curable. I know many first hand who have cured it. Cancer can only live in an acid environment and food like meat and fish totally create this in your body. Did you know that eating a plant based diet reduces your chance of illness by a significant amount. Do you know that food can help heal your body. Do you know that when the wise men brought gifts, the gold was actually turmeric! When you feed your body what it needs then it changes everything and you change. I, again, am living proof of this. I feed my body what it needs to thrive, not survive.
    I have been detoxing my body for the last couple of years and the effect this has had has been profound. Some say the body does this all on its own. I have to say I disagree. I have seen and felt the effects of detoxing that are far beyond anything my body could ever do on it’s own. This year I have completed two thirty day detox programs and both and left me in a place where my body only wants the good stuff. I for years ate crap and was an emotional eater, now I can’t eat it. My body rejects this kind of thing. That’s something I never thought I would say. Now I am living proof of it.

  3. Metal Toxicity
    Now this is a new one for me. I knew that metal toxicity has an effect on our health, yet what I have learned in the last year about this has blown me away. Let’s get frank about this for a moment. What I have discovered is that pretty much every single ailment, disease, illness and problem we have medically, physically and emotionally is linked to toxins in the system. That blew me away. How could this be. Well, it’s simple when your body gets full of toxins, it causes problems. The bigger impact of this is that you will most likely try a pharma drug to prevent it or you may take a natural remedy to prevent it, yet if you take a metal detoxifier it will remove the cause. This blew me away. I am all for still using natural stuff, yet removing what caused it is truly the way. The other part that shocked me was learning that when you are toxic, which all of us are, your body cannot properly absorb the stuff you are putting in as your cells are coated in crap to stop this. So clearing that out is the key. Meeting two amazing humans that have created a company to do just this has been game changing. Root for me is the future of wellness and the future of living in a way that you thrive not survive. Their philosophy is this addition to subtract. Add the zeolite to remove the toxins, then restore the body back with all the natural goodies. It’s super simple. Now that’s my vibe in life, make it simple silly. 

Root is a brand I have become hugely passionate about. Mainly as using their products has changed my life. I sleep like a baby, my energy is off the charts, I feel amazing, my brain is working like a super computer, my cronic carpel tunnel syndrome is virtually gone, my cravings for sweet foods are gone, my weight has dropped, my skin is amazing. Simply the list is endless. The facts are we are what we eat, what we put in and how we live. Root has become part of my eveyrday life along with the rst of my wellness routine. I want to live until I’m 133 and I’m not kidding, I know using these products, especially Restore that regenerates the body this is totally possible. What about you?

We have lived in a world for many years that has made everything pretty complex. It has given you mountains of information to explore and the conclusion I have come to after being my own test case is this. When you look after yourself, clear the crap out daily, put good stuff in that you can absorb then hospitals and medics will become a thing of your past. When you have healed your traumas, become who you truly want to be and when you live your life for your reasons on your terms, it’s a whole new world you are living. 

I am all about “The Simple Life on Purpose. “ I am all about LIVING, not Surviving. If you’d like to know more then let’s vibe and see how I can help you create. Come and say Hi, and we’ll vibe a new life together.

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