Hey, I’m Clare, in simple terms I’m here to help my fellow humans to be really happy. Fun is really what life is all about, we just made it so dam complicated! I used to be award winningly good at complicated! Now I’m the boss of simplicity.

I am one of those people you meet in life that makes you stand back and take a deeper look; a look at certain aspects of your life and question why….in a profound and reality bending way. I have this innate ability to read people and situations and help you thrive.

I came here to break the status quo, I am the original creatve rebel. I spent m y life trying to fit in and then one day I met someone who shared with me something that told me very clearly I didn’t come here to fit in. Since that day my life changed in the most profound way. I am a very different Clare now and living by my strategy and design has made life so very simple and freaking amazing.

Most people aren’t going to make change all by themselves. If they could, they would have already. To create change there are ingredients that are fundamental. It starts with being supported, having a guide who nurtures you based on your own strategy and design. Couple that with accountability and it really is a pioneering methodology. After all, knowing really isn’t enough, applying the knowledge will create the life you really want to thrive in.

For many years I was known informally as the Connector. In my life I have connected with tens of thousands of people, I wasn’t entirely sure why! Then life changed my direction, a light bulb went on and I made my connections formal. I’m a connector, I do what I excel at, meet people, create relationships and then connect them to the things and contacts they need to help them fly.

We all have a purpose here in this universe and my vibe  as I said is as the creative rebel. Are you where I was? Are you trying to fit into a mold that you were never designed to?  I’m here to help you break your status quo and to forge a new way for an expansive life.

I did the work, I am continually doing the work on me and after years of learning about me and how I have got to where I am today I now am doing this with other people who have finally admitted they are lost and need help. What I do changes lives inside and out, that’s my purpose in this world. I am raw and real with what I guide people to, I work with an amazing team who are genius in the areas I’m not and as a collective we have the whole package to help you liberate you and your life. Are you ready for that step?

My Latest Blogs

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