The circles you move in determine your life.

How are the circles you move in right now empowering yours?

I’m Clare Turner-Marshall, in simple terms I’m here to help my fellow humans to be happy. Fun is really what life is all about, we just made it so dam complicated! I used to be really good at complicated! Now I’m all about simplicity.

Pretty much my whole life the thing that people say to me is ”You’re really inspiring and motivated” I have what us brits call, “the gift of the gab!” I LOVE to talk, I LOVE to motivate, I LOVE to speak and help people get super clear on who they are, why they are here and what this crazy thing called Life is really all about. 

I am that person that will use 10,000 words when you could say it in 20, where’s the fun in that 😉

Talking has always been my most favorite thing to do and I’m good at it, in fact very good. I love it, it makes my heart sing. Being on a stage, moving the audience in a momentous way, yeh, that’s my vibe. 




A community of people growing together, becoming more together, inspiring each others and making life FUN! 

Isn’t that what life is really all about? Living, laughing having fun and making a great living along the way.