Clare’s journey as a Connector started with her being asked…”do you know,” And the answer was “yes, I do!”She then set out to meet as many people as possible, unconscious that life had a plan to align her natural skill.

As time went on, Clare realised her calling was leveraging her knack for connecting people. She turned her passion into a business and started facilitating meaningful connections that empower others and her.

For Clare, life revolves around experiences and relationships, with people at the core. In today’s world, where social media shrinks our separation, human interconnectedness sparks excitement, presenting endless possibilities.

With each connection, Clare sees potential, collaboration, and mutual gain for all. In Clare’s world, every encounter is a chance to forge new bonds and unlock opportunities.

My work is about Connecting people. 

Specialising in Joint Venture Partnerships, Clare creates opportunities and propels businesses forward. By leveraging her network and expertise, she connects like-minded partners for shared success.

Clare’s work, it’s about genuine connections and enduring relationships. With triple wins in focus—for herself, clients, and the world.

If you are in the space to have meaningful connections or collaborations, Clare is ready to help. Contact her at to start a conversation and explore how you can work together, creating positive change.