I am a Connector an Introducer a Connector

For many years I was known informally as the Connector. I made it my plight to meet as many people as I could, I wasn’t entirely sure why! Then life changed my direction and I created a business around what I am best at People and connecting them to the things and other people they need to help them thrive.


My life consists of many things and people are what inspire me the most. In the world today, social media means that we are only 7 degress from every person on the planet, I think that’s pretty amazing. We all know someone who knows’s some one. This excited me, it makes me see many many opportunities.

My work is about Connecting people. 

When I was a little girl my Dad shared some wisdom about life, he told me that it wasn’t what I knew, it was who I knew and he told me that I’d never make money working for others, I’d make it working for myself. For many years that wisdom served me. Then I woke up, I tapped into a new world and I tweaked them to suit. It was the start of me creating my own YOUtopia.

My business connects, consults, introduces and collaborates. Working in this way means I am open to new opportunities that benefit all concerned.

I create Specialist Joint Venture Partnerships, using the Power of Strategic Partnering I am a Joint Venture Introducer.

If you are in need of a connection to a person or a business then contact me and we can discuss how I can help you.

You can contact me at clare@clretm.com to arrange a time to talk and see how we can vibe and thrive the triple wins. For us, for others and for the World!