Where does your wellness rank in your life?

There are many things that we are not taught about as we grow up that are critically important to us growing and evolving as human beings. Our health and wellness is one of the highest….Yet how many people do not focus on this area at all.

We have the highest rates of cancer and obesity we have ever experienced. Is it time for you to seriously change how you are looking after you?

If you don’t make time for your Wellness then you will have to make time for your Illness!!

Wellness has been huge for me for a long time. I am the only thing in my life that is irreplaceable and I honestly don’t have time for illness. I grew up being told that you rot in bed haha and I am not down with being in bed ill.

The Natural Way

We live on this pretty amazing abundant planet. It’s full of amazing things to heal us. When you see a stinging nettle, not far away you will find a doc leaf. It’s got it all, yet we have turned to the big pharma for too long.

Cure the Cause

I truly believe that we can cure anything that happens with our body. I know I have cured things in my own life that I was told were not curable by turning to natural remedies and practices.

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of being introduced to an amazing scientist called Dr Christina Rahm. She is a truly exceptional scientist, mother and all round phenomenal human. Dr Rahms philosophy is “Cure the Cause” Having struggled with her own health issues she combined her knowledge of nanoscience with nutraceuticals and created a range of products that can revolutionise your well being.

Our bodies need m ore support and that is what Root Wellness is all about.

Water is king:

One of the things few people realise is we are 70% water and water isn’t just water! There are so many different types of water. My water of choice is Alkaline Water. I have drunk this and showered in it for over 12 years. It’s been amazing! I haven’t been ill in years. Now don’t get me wrong I eat a plant based diet, I exercise, I take my supps. I do everything I can to support my body. It works, I’m the living proof.

The magic of the Trinity:

I could spend time explaining here what the Root Trinity is, but the facts are you can watch this short video and it shares it all. What I will say is this. When you understand the logic of this, it blows your mind…..

Step 1 – Clean Slate – Clean the metal toxins out of your system so that your body can absorb what you are putting in and function better.

Step 2 – Zero In – Increase brain function, balance out your hormones and have bundles of energy

Step 3 – Restore – Support your bowel and restore the body. This is what is magic stuff does.

Step 4 – ReLive Greens – Full of everything your body needs to thrive. Supporting your bowel with pre and pro biotics and many other goodies.

Step 5 – Barrier Support – Vitamin C, D and Zinc. The supps you need as majority of people are deficient.

Add the water, add great nourishment and you are set. I’m not claiming anything in what I share here. I am simply sharing my OWN experience of #rootedlife I have been using these many sups for over a year and my health and wellbeing has moved to another level.


My Experience:

  • I feel amazing
  • I have bags of energy
  • I sleep like a baby
  • I am super focused
  • I shed weight and kept it off
  • I had chronic carpal tunnel syndrome (numb hands) It’s virtually gone
  • My vision is improving
  • My skin is outstanding

I could go on. As I say I’m claiming nothing, I’m sharing MY story. This could be yours if you try.

You have a choice, you can live a long and healthy life and be the oldest person in the grave yard. Or you can not look after you, spend lots of time being ill, taking pharma meds that mask symptoms and can make you feel crappy. And die a unhealthy and short life. It’s up to you. There is much in your life you can totally replace, YOU are not one of the things that is replaceable.

To buy the Root Products you can click here and order directly. www.therootbrands.com/vibeclean

If you have any questions then please reach out to me at clare@claretm.com and I’d love to share.

You might be thinking well she’s not a doctor so who is she to share all of this? Well as I say I’m living proof. I am not a Doctor, that’s not my role here. I have spent years surrounding myself with some of the leading professionals on the planet, don’t take my word for it, take theirs!

One last thing. If you want a breakdown of my own personal protocol of eating, supps, water, proteins then fill out the form below and get my guide to wellness to start your journey.

Be well 

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