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Conditioned thinking leads to a conditioned life.

I have spent many years working on my mindset and unpicking the conditioned thinking I lived with for all of these years.

When I say lived with, it was a choice to live this way. For a time it was an unconscious choice until I really started to get raw and real with me and look at what externally was being created by my internal vibe.

I studied so many different people. I looked at many philosophies on “How” to change this and everyone in many ways said, “Do my thing, it will work for you!”

The beauty of this is some did, some didn’t. What I learned was to keep learning and take the bits that did work for me and apply those to my life.

So what about you?

When we think about the “Lifestyle” we choose to create and the external reality that we choose to live in, how deep do you go and how committed are you to it being the way you choose?

It’s a super simple thing to say, yet a much harder process to create. I discovered through my great friend Jules a lady called Mel Robbins. She is pretty amazing and turned her life around using a simple 5 second rule.

Let me explain. Our brain is programed to keep us safe and when we start to try to make change we have the thought pop into our head and then we start to think about it. Our brain then starts to work on keeping us safe and thus talks us out of going outside of our comfort zone, so we inevitably stay stuck where we are until we choose to override this and move our brain in to what Mel calls “Direct mode.” This is where the 5 seconds comes in. Instead of allowing the brain to take over, you interrupt it with 5,4,3,2,1 and then GO…. You take action. You don’t think you just do it in the words of Nike.

So this is great, yet the first step for me in using this is to actually decide on what it is you want to change in your life. My experience is it’s always best to start with one thing at a time. When we try to change to much at once we get into overwhelm and end up three steps further back from where we were to start with.

So here’s a proven method to making a start:

1. Decide that you want to change something in your life.

2. Decide what this thing is!

3. Get super clear on WHY you want to change it. (the power is in the Why! Without this you are set to stay stuck)

4. Then use the rule to interrupt the thought process.

5. Create a vision of what you want this thing to look like once you have made the change.

6. Practice daily, commit daily and acknowledge the changes.

7. Believe and trust it can happen! This is SOOOO Important! With out this it will not become your reality.

8. BE YOU ~ DO it your way! Like I said earlier there are so many people sharing their way, pick the bit that works for you and do it YOUR WAY. We all have our own unique path and you can only walk yours.

Anything is possible when you decide and take ACTION!

Try it and let me know how it goes. You are the one in control!

Live life ~ Be Unincorporated ~ Be~ing YOU!


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