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I’m here, I ready and I’m real!

Hello and so much love to you for ending up here,

The Eagle has landed, the world is now a place of Truth, good old unapologetic authentic truth. I warn you, this blog is not for the light hearted and also I will share I’m going to be a bit sweary and very very, honest.

For so many years I have lived in the shadow of others opinions, I did dare to pop my head above the parapit a few times, yet let my ego bat me back down. I dared to share a bit of who I really am and what I am REALLY all about, yet I again let my ego bash me back down!

Then my life, well, it simply fell apart! The universe has taken me, and I will add for a long time unwillingly, on the journey that I told me, I could not handle. On a journey that has brought me to my knees and made me totally own truths that scared the shit out of me. It has made me face truths I said I could never face and it has almost broken me……more than once.

What did I learn? I learned that I am made of much tougher stuff than I ever knew existed, let alone possessed. It has taught me that only walking in these shoes could I truly, and I mean TRULY understand all of it. I learned that rock bottom has more levels that I ever imagined was possible, and when I hit what I thought was the bottom, I dropped yet again!

The most important thing I learned was that money is just stuff that helps you along the way and simply is energy, is currency and we all can have as much of that in our lives as we choose. We can all have whatever we want, yet why do some have more than others. Well that is the question I am going to be sharing the answer to….

Here’s the thing….not the one that’s all about money, the one that you think is about money….it’s actually about you. Pure and simple unapologetic YOU!

There have been days in my life over the last 7 years that have been that film you watch, you know the one where you sat there and went NOOOOOOOO….FUCK!!! The ones where I had to pinch myself and not in a good way, the ones where you felt like you were in some kind of alternate reality, the ones where you say WTAF is going on here…..I mean REALLY!!!!???? And then there were days that I cried because I realised how very blessed I was and how, I couldn’t believe this was my life for all the Amazing reasons.

Life is one BIG LONG JOURNEY, it will have thrillers, it will have excitement, it will have heartbreak. Every single one, every single one of these things helps you to become the person you are today, and every single one of them is Necessary for you TO become the person you are today!

So much to share and so much time to do it in. Today is the day it starts! Today is the day I throw down the BS and share my journey of BECOMING UNINCORPORATED!!!

I know that what I share will inspire, motivate and empower you to making moves in your life that tus far you have not made for whatever reason. It’s time for you to be well you!

I’m excited, I’m energised, I am on it ?

Big Smiles to you all reading



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