You always had the power my dear…

You always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself

– Glinda, Wizard of Oz

WHEN we watch things like the Wizard of Oz, we can live in that space of thinking, “well it’s only a film” that’s not my life! Then we can also live in the space of “well that film came from someone’s imagination and with imagination anything is possible?” Yet…..and it’s a big yet, we spend much time convincing ourselves that we are not enough, that we are not possible and that we really can’t do this……My question is who said?

Ego mind and Monkey mind……all mixed up!

The mind is super powerful. Couple that with our conditioning, belief systems and well pretty much everything else and bingo, there you go. Stuck in the mire with no clue “How” to get out. We make it complex, complicated and convince us that it is simply achievable when in reality if it can be created in someone elses imagination, it truly can be created in yours as well yours is theirs and theirs is your, we are all connected after all. We look at others and wonder how it is they achieve it, what is the “secret” that they know that I don’t? Well, in this little bit of wisdom I am going to share, I endeavor to give you a snippet of how you start.

HOW then Clare, what’s your take on How?

Well, let me tell you. Now when I first started on my journey of self discovery I became a bit of a learning junkie, still am. I started to read and absorb as much as I could and really start to get to grips with this Law of Attraction thingie. I did the usual and I watched and read the secret, I started to listen to Esther and Abraham Hicks and I kept telling me that I got it, I really got it. And the place I was in right then, on the level I was at, I did. However what I had not embraced so much at that point was the dots connecting bit. You know the famous quote from the late great Steve Jobs, the you can’t connect the dots looking forwards, you can only connect them looking backwards, that bit I didn’t get. My whole entire life was about connecting dots looking forwards and well, the backwards didn’t really exist to me.

Now life and the universe have an amazing way of making you stand up and listen. You know like when things are not going so well and you keep doing things the same old way and expecting a different result. Well, the universe will keep on throwing you that curve ball until you hit that sweet shot that takes you on the next part of your path and the next level of your learning. It will keep on throwing down those challenges until you do one simple yet seemingly important thing, go with in.


Now understanding how to do this again is a huge step. How do you surrender, how do you really be guided? Well, you let go and then when you have let go, you let go some more and some more. How do you know when you have let go……everything and I mean everything changes! It all comes down to trust… Surrendering is pretty dam scary, it can make you feel so lost and out of control initially. It can feel like OMG on a level you have never experienced before. Yet once you have done it on the level you are at, it will lead you to the next and then the next steps and you will learn to live only in that way and to truly trust in the path you are waking. We all have our very own paths and each and everyone of us is a one off here on this planet, comparing who you are to others is the most sabotaging thing you can do. Always you are comparing apples with pears, their path is theirs and yours is your’s. Trusting again in that is the key to momentum in a most magnificent way.


A small five letter word that has so much power. As we grow life conditions us to “doubt” it conditions us to question and not always in a good way. It conditions us to “become” the role models and people around us until we mentally can do it no more and be breakout and break free and become who we were put here to be. Because after all, you only ever came here to be you didn’t you? Trusting that what you need to know, understanding and feeling it will come to you exactly when it is supposed to, is the biggest part of becoming your true self. The universe will only deliver to you what it knows you can deal with and what it knows you have had the experience to deal with. Again Trusting in that can be in itself really hard as we want everything and we want it now. Trusting that it will all come when it is supposed to means that you have truly surrendered. And that is the power ladies, the most powerful thing that you can do.

Living your life on your terms just for you is where I personally believe we all are aiming to be. The road can be long and varied and it can also contain many shit sandwiches as well as many sweet sandwiches. Each one will teach you something that you absolutely need to experience to become the most amazing version of you in that moment.

The fact is we are all evolutionary beings and “being” is what it is all about. The thing most people do when they start to discover themselves is go to the place of Have, Do, and Be. They think that they have to have this to do that to be this. The facts are simple, you have to Be you, to do what you desire and then having it will be a given. I learnt this from a very insightful and amazing man Jim Fortin.

So my question for you today is this, what would it take for you to accept your life is the way that it is right now, surrender to the universe and truly trust in the path, to listen to that inner intuition and to know that it will all be just the way it should be?

Once you have asked this, be quiet and listen, the answers will always present themselves to you, sometimes in the least expected way. But then hey, expecting the unexpected is a pretty magical way to live life isn’t it ?

Come and share with me what happened and what you heard over on my FB page and truly accept that you are the most amazing thing in your life. Start being” and see what happens, I know you will find out it’s magic!

Big Smiles



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