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Breaking Through my Stories….

I wrote this a while ago and I wanted to share it with you. I am an evolving creature and I love that I come from that place now rather than hiding my own journey. The fact is noone has it totally worked out and sometimes as a coach as one of my hats I felt like I needed to not share this as what might my clients feel. Well, now I know they know I’m real and I’m here to show you I am working on it all to. Awareness is huge, it’s how we grow. 

The thing is I got to this place by not giving up until I got to the root cause of my behaviour and why I am the way I am. Knowing that means I can be so much more as I know why!

Here’s a part of my evolution for you to read and feel into. If you read this and something clicks that makes you want to know more then lets have a chat and I can share how I can guide you. It’s all about the journey, that I have learned more than ever. Learning how to manage my emotions is game changing and I know that is the case for everyone who I lead down this path. 

Love to hear what it brings up for you. 

Learning to break through my stories has been the most powerful energy I have spent in a long time…. I no longer react, I respond! 

I’m breaking through my stories. This morning, I got into overwhelm in a big way. I was so immersed in the story that was going on that I couldn’t see the wood for the trees for a short while. I already had a call booked with my bestie and busi partner. She held me, she helped me, she got me out of the story (ie –  my head) and got me into my body. Now I know this. I know my body is where I’m going to feel it and heal it. Today I had so many story plates spinning around I got totally overwhelmed. 

Can you relate? 

Four years ago I started on a new road. I discovered the Gene Keys, I met Tracy and the rest is history and healing along the way. Having spent 10 plus years working directly in the personal development space and prior to that another 16 plus years working on me this approach I now use was refreshing. It was so different from anything I’ve done before. Feeling into where in my body the pain was, not going into my head and concocting a story that was neither true nor of any benefit to me. When you look at it from a space perspective going to your head is nuts! It’s such a small part of your body and if you go deep into how we function as humans many will tell you that the real place for knowing is the gut. I learned that a long time ago, but only worked with it starting four years ago.  There is a lot more of you below the neck than there is above so it seems much more logical and spiritual to go with the bigger expanse hey? 

The question is why is it so powerful when you respond and don’t react? 

This is what I am on a journey of and am still a student of life, I will always be. If you stop learning you declare you are complete and I feel like we always have space to grow. Like I’ve already said when you feel into your body it brings a whole new energy to resolving challenges. I no longer believe we get “blocked!” I believed that for years and well, I didn’t ever seem to be able to remove the blocks. I worked on these so-called blocks to no avail. I paid coaches tens of thousands of pounds to help me work on my blocks and stayed in their words – blocked! Yet when I did this whole new process much started to happen. I felt more, I responded and saw who I was showing up as. I realised how I could resolve what was going on in a whole new way and it helped me to really start to detox my whole life from what I now consider the five pillars of our existence. They are physical, emotional, awareness, environment and energy. I started to really delve into each of these areas and feel into what was going on. Now if you are really tuned in you will notice I am not using words like “think” and I am only talking about feelings and the reason for that is feeling is the new thinking! Or should I say feeling is the thing that thinking never helped. 

We are emotional beings who get triggered by the experiences that we have and we have been conditioned for years to look to our head for the answers. I am a hugely initiative person and I can sense so much about people. I have been like this my whole life. I read situations without really needing to use words. When I stated on the journey of feeling not thinking this got so much stronger. It was like coming home, only to no home I’d ever know. It was a beautiful new experience that I embraced with open arms and felt into. It felt so good, it helped me get much more in tune with me and everything going on around me. It helps me make better decisions. I had many years in my life where I made decisions from the worst place, my head. I ignored my intuition, my gut and well it played out with a lot of very challenging situations in my life. I created lots of stores that weren’t there in reality and then I created them. My life was a huge wreck and it taught me more than I could have ever imagined, that I am truly grateful for. Whilst in the moment it felt debilitating and it caused much trauma, yet in healing and learning a new way I can say I’d do it all again. It was invaluable, there is nothing like real world experience to show you the way. So let’s talk about our emotions. 

Emotional Safety.

Do you feel safe in your emotions? That’s what all of this comes down to. When we feel safe in expressing who we truly are we show up each day as a very different person. Why do we express our emotions in the way we do? For all of us it’s our learnt behaviour. We learn how to behave from our role models and depending on who taught them how to behave, then roll it back will show you exactly why you are showing up the way you are today. The thing is many of these people were never taught how to process emotions and thus reacted and didn’t respond. The reality is when we respond and calm the nervous system it brings a totally different light to the situation at hand. I’m sure you have had an experience where you said or did something and later you knew it wasn’t the best course of action. Theres a saying that goes like this. You forget what the situation was or what was said, but you never forget the way you felt in that moment, and that’s so true. As energetic beings we store those feelings in our bodies and it changes us at a cellular level. How do we know this? Dis~ease, illness, for me so much of it I believe is caused by the way we live and the environments we live in. Writing about this could take weeks so I decided to record a podcast with Tracy who I mentioned earlier. We talk, emotions and how to respond not react. Have a listen and please share what it brings up for you. 

Most importantly take some time after reading this and feel into where you are at. What came up for you when you read this. Do you feel like you are blocked and can’t break free. Maybe reading this will show that blocks don’t actually exist and it’s simply you now feeling into this in a whole new way and understanding you. I mentioned I used the Gene Keys, I also have got into my Human Design as well. Why, because when you couple these things together you really see you in a whole new way. I like to explain it like this, the Gene Keys is the road map and Human Design is the vehicle. Coupling these things together and learning to trust my intuition which is part of my design means that I live life from a place of what my design and strategy is based on my DNA, that’s a totally new way of being every day. I now realised why the coaching I did spending all of that money didn’t work, it was because those coaches didn’t understand me and were trying to fit a very round me in a very square hole, it was never going to work. While I was learning this new way I stepped away from coaching as I wanted to be the student and learn my new way and then bring it out to my clients. It’s a much more powerful way of working and means that the results speak for themselves. The alignment that happens is truly magical and so very effective.

Mindset does have a place in this world, yet it’s such a small part. Teaching what we have coointed “Trinity Coherance” means that we get to the route of your needs much quicker and know what we are dealing with and thus are able to get you moving in life in the right direction. I’m glad I took the diversions in the road that I did, they lead me here. Now the beauty is in the fact I get to really show how wonderful it can be to be a pioneer of a new way, a new system and one that really gets the outcomes my clients have wanted for a while. 

I hope this has helped you today. I hope it has given you hope that you have what it takes to fly in life. If you want to know more about how I do it, just message me and we can chat about a new way of creating a whole new vibe of you. 

Have a wonderful day. 




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