Come Alive

What have you got to lose by being authentically you? I asked myself this question many years ago and it took a huge leap of faith to step into that life. 

What is keeping you tethered to people, jobs, organizations whose values don’t align with yours? For me it was because I didn;t want to let anyone down, yet I was living a life that simply wasn’t me all to please others. 

Making decisions that are aligned to your highest good, who you want to be and what you stand for, won’t be easy. I can assure you it will come with pain long the way. Yet what I do know is when you remove the splinter the pain eases and eventually goes away. It’s all about removing the splinter. 

One thing I’ve learnt that freed me from shrinking myself to fit into spaces that never truly welcomed me is that I only ever came here to be me and live my life my way. Do you feel the same? I imagine you do and that’s why you are reading this now.


You can call signs woo woo, you can say it’s just a coincidence. I stopped believing in those long ago as it never was, it was always for a reason. Synchronicity as it’s finest, I just didn’t see it that way back then. I thought everything was black and white, with shades of grey. Now I know it’s full colour, I had to heal to feel and see with new eyes. 

Einstein said the theory of insanity is repetition but expecting a different result. For life to change you have to change. How long will you exist before you choose to live? Don’t leave it another day, regrets are truly a waste of energy.  

If this sounds like you, I can help and together we can create the life you really want to be living now! 

Acceptance from others doesn’t guarantee security and living outside of your design and strategy usually means living in a world of burnout on a roll!

Acceptance of you, knowing who you are, what you came here for and living a life that is so freaking amazing you want to jump out of bed everyday, that’s a whole other level.



Your life right now is:

  • You feel like you keep hitting the same wall over and over again. It’s been so long you are used to living in the pain and have got stuck there. 
  • You live in “never enough land” outwardly your life is a super success in some ways, you don’t feel that inside and you have now “had enough” of feeling like this.
  • You know there is so much more for you, yet you have no idea “how” to get out the place you are in and not knowing where to start makes you stop! 
  • You struggle to be who you really are in all areas of your life, when one is good the others suffer, you lack any kind of balance and don’t know how to create it.
  • You are ready to live your life, your way! The reality is inside that scares the S*&T out of you and going it alone is even more scary. 
  • You are ready for healing strategy, simplicity, purpose and happiness to take over in your life. (The version of happiness you are telling you that you are living is no longer cutting the cloth)
  • Want some of my “Secret Sauce” to cover your life with a whole new taste that you want to keep tasting forever? What I have will make you crave for creating more so that you never go back, we change the taste you love and we do it in a way that you couldn’t go back.



What’s the deal – What do I do? 

The Come Alive program is 12 weeks of creating your very own unique “secret sauce” 

We start with uncovering the real truth about who you are, why you are here, what has held you back and we heal it for good. 

Then we start creating the life you really want to live, we look at the five key areas of your life and get super clear on how you want them to be, then we set that into a vision in a way you will not have experienced before. 

Next is the most exciting part, day by day, one step at a time you live it, breathe it and love it. You become the YOU that has been hiding inside of you and been to scared to show up. 

The Creating Crew.

This journey is with me. My sauce is strategy, structure and accountability, healing and profiling you so I share who you really are and help you to live that out in the real world now. 

Life in Pause

We now all know what it’s like to live life in pause mode. The universe gave everyone a big taste of that and for many it made then stop for a while. The fact is old habits die hard and right now you may be the poorest rich person you know. Money isn’t everything, living a life of what you love is what life is all about isn’t it? 

What are you waiting for then, You are not too old and it is not too late. 

Need a push? We got you covered! 

The outcomes achieved in the words of clients:

  • Life shifting before my eyes, going from being stuck in a no prospect job to a life changing opportunity in days
  • You are an earth angel, you made me realise I had another choice and I could be so much more. 
  • You saved my life, I now want to live a long and happy life. 
  • Understanding why I was the way I was, knowing what I came here for, knowing my Gene Keys and Human Design has literally changed my life! Now I am ready to take on anything. 

Investment in your new life:

£3333 or £1111 – 3 x monthly instalments

Programme Dets:

  • 12 x sessions for accountability 
  • 2 x ½ days sessions
  • Unlimited message and telephone support in between and additional sessions if required
  • Dream Vision created by a copywriter and shared ( You will understand more later) 
  • Full personal profile 
  • Wellness check
  • Access to our community for 24/7 Support

This is what I can solve for you. Would you like to dicsuss the details for you? Call me on 07739730622 or email me

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