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Is your Life as bright as it could be?

Shinning in life and living your best life really should be a given, the reality is this just isn’t the case. I have made it my life’s work to help people be who they really are. I am a partner in a business that is all about this and it’s my personal mission to support people who want to thive in life. Here’s a bit more about my feelings on this.

Where I shine….

I love to make people happy. Not just by saying nice things and with stuff. I mean really happy!

Let me explain…

Like many of us when I was a teenager I had pretty much no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I didn’t get into the uni I wanted to go so and didn’t see the p;oint of going somewhere I didn’t wat to so I got a job and started on my journey.

I did various things in my late teens, and early 20’s and then got into the world of finance. It was eye opening, a huge learning curve and taught me alot that I will always remember and appreciate. 

At 29 I burned out. I have spent most of my life up to that point living for everyone else and not considering me or my choices. Why? Because that was my learnt behaviour. I had no idea how to do it any other way and so I lived by the default setting I had been programed with my whole life. 

What made me change?

I was very broken and hurt at this time and I knew things needed to change. I didn’t want to dwell on the past, I wanted to learn from it and learn why I was like this. So I got my first coach. She helped me see who I was, why I was living the way I was and most importantly she helped me start to change my life to one that worked for me. 

It was liberating. 

Up to that point I had done a fair amount of study about people and behaviours. When I was a teenager I was pretty intrigued by all sorts of celebrities who had interesting stories like Marilyn Monroe, JFK and also people like Fred West. I wanted to understand why. So I dove in, I trained as a coach and then I started the journey of truly understanding me which is still ongoing. I believe we are all students during life and that being open means you can always grow. 

Since then I have continually expanded my knowledge, my tools and most importantly my intuition. I had this from a very young age and never really understood it until I was older. I have an innate ability to read people and situations and know what needs to happen to create a wonderful outcome for all concerned. And I LOVE IT! 

I have spent many years helping now especially burnt out women to create a life that works for them, and that they LOVE living. 

I always maintain that NO is a complete sentence and that saying it can sometimes be the hardest thing. Yet there is a reason for that and once you get to the root of it you can say it with ease and meaning. 


I am now part of a truly revolutionary company that has developed a pioneering methodology to help you truly create your life to meet you needs. So many people live their lives not for them, for others and at Rise and Shine we are here to show you that you came to be you and knowing who that is, is all part of the process. 

Who are you? 

Do you know, do you live your most fulfilled life? I know that can seem a bit of a cheesy question, it’s also a super honest one that not many ask. It is easy to stay stuck and in the rate race. Making changes comes with challenges. I know that. Yet what I also know is it’s liberating. The old saying says no pain no gain. I have experienced much pain, and pain when healing to. Old patterns do come with resistance. Yet what I do know is it was well worth it. 

Now my life has balance and I have time for all I choose. I regularly check in and keep clear on what I want to achieve and the balance of personal and work life. Being Mom to a 7 year old comes with a real need for this. Being there for my daughter whilst she is young is a top priority for me. I know it is part of my learning from my own childhood to be present. 

I welcome you to take time to contemplate your own life. This is one of my favourite things to do. I learned it from studying the Gene Keys for many years and the art of contemplation has changed my life. 

Living for now, being you and being happy is the elixir of life. If your life isn’t there right now how about a conversation with me on how we can create that for you?

The Legacy you Leave.

One final thing. The reason I am so set on all I have shared is this. I heard many years ago of an exercise that was about creating a vision of your 90th Birthday party. Everyone there got to share what you were in their life and the impact you made. It really go me to feeling into what that would be for me. There were areas I knew I wouldn’t have liked to hear from people so I made a commitment to me to change. I know other people’s opinions are what they are, yet my purpose here is to solve a large scale problem. The problem is to help humanity be happy. I choose who I have described as I was that woman so I know how it feels and can come from a place of experience. That’s power right there. I get you. 

Have a wonderful day.

Big Smiles

Clare xox

P.S It’s all about you even when other say it’s not. If you are not happy, it impacts everything. If you want help contact me on here or mail me

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