Who am I?

Hey, how are you today? I thought I would write a bit about me. We have all this “copy” on these site and sometimes it’s just about saying it straight and being real which is totally my vibe. I do feel I am that always, here’s a bit more about me and what hats I wear.

Please feel free to share who you are in the comments.

About me…

I saw a post from someone sharing about them yesterday and because I’m a pretty unique bag I thought I’d share a bit about me! 

I’m a total rebel, always have been. At 42 ish when I discovered the Gene Keys, I found that my main keys says this…”You are the original creative rebel, you did not come here to fit in, you came here to break the status quo!” FINALLY Woo hoo. I knew it. So everything I do is about paving a new way for humanity to be and live. I love it, I am so living my purpose and life has never been better. 

I have a thing for people, who they are, why they are and what makes them all of these things. I am a natural helper. I make it my mission daily to make someone’s day. Why not, it’s needed in this world of transition we are currently living in. I have a natural ability to read people and know what will help them thrive. Couple that with the skills I have learned along the way from life experience and study and I am a very knowledgeable and insightful person. 

I love our planet. Yes, very treehugger I know, yet it comes down to this. If we carry on not taking effective action then we will all have nowhere to live so it’s kind of key that we listen and make effective change for the sake of humanity. 

I am a Mom to a little amazing lady called Olive. She is my biggest why in life! She makes me be a better Clare daily. She is my biggest mirror. She is my reason to break this status quo of a life that we have been living and make it equal. The world has become a very judgmental and divided place. I am here to change that. I am committed and will help create a positive and impactful change. 

I work on a Win, Win, Win philosophy in life. A win for me, a win for other and a win for the planet. 

I have walked a very varied path, I have been happy, sad, broken, elated and I have experienced more death than any human I have ever met. I have been called an earth angel, I have been told I have saved people’s lives and most importantly I am humble. I believe everyone’s shit stinks and well we all have a right to be happy and safe. That is what I am here to help create in this unequal world. I am very blessed to be here to do this and I am grateful everyday that this is my path. 

I believe that everything happens for a reason and I know that when we start to love people for who they are and transform judgement our race will unite into oneness, what we came here to be. 

Today I sent you love and wonder for a magical and memorable day in whatever shape or form that takes. 

BE YOU, it’s all you ever came here to be!  

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