You are currently viewing Mental health or Emotional Wellbeing as I prefer to call it right now is integral for so many.

Mental health or Emotional Wellbeing as I prefer to call it right now is integral for so many.

We have lived an interesting few years and personally I feel the emotional impact of this has been brushed over far too easily. 

Being human is an interesting journey for sure. I had my first dance with losing control when I was 29. I knew form then on I have to really learn who I was and how I was showing up in life.

I had to admit that I didn’t know who I was and that I really had no idea where to start. It has been liberating since then with many diversions along the way. The fact is that as I tell my 7 year old, the best way to learn is to take the complicated road and then you realise how simple it can be. The key is to learn from your mistakes and then become more because of them. In saying all of this I have also been very good at beating me up. 

I know that I sersious would not allow anyone else to talk to me how I have in the past yet, we do it don’t we. We create these crazy ideas in our head that really only we see and no one else. 

I decided many years ago that Being ME was all I ever came here to be.

This came after years of making mistake after mistake. I lost count at one point of how many times I wanted to check out. I was so lost I had no idea where to turn. The fact was I had to stay, my daughter was only 2 at the time. My Mom passed away 8 months before. I had been taken by a developer on a start up I had and I was totally on my ass! I didn’t want to get out of bed, yet that little face was always there looking at me for everything. How could I leave her. It was heartbreaking losing my Mom at 40, the thought of her growing up and never knowing me was just too much. 

SO I DID THE WORK! I say that in shouty capitals as it was bloody hard. I wanted to run away so many times. I wanted to hide and say no more. I cried enough tears to fill an ocean, I hurt like every bone in my body had been broken. Yet in the darkness I always had just a tiny glimmer of light. I knew somewhere inside me that not only would I one day be grateful for this. I knew that it would be the making of me and IT IS!

Why I call it emotional well being is because it’s about your body and soul emotions. Your mind plays such a small and powerful part but your mind will not set you free in isolation. I read so much about mindset and PMA and whilst I totally support it. I also know that if you only focus on your mind you will always end up back where you started on a slightly different level. 

Knowing me, studying the Gene Keys, understanding my Human Design. Knowing my emotional archetype from Team Me has changed everything. It has helped me understand why I was a reactor, it helped me know why I went into shock with emotional information. It has been my liberation of my heart, my liberation of prosperity, my liberation from a life I was living to please everyone else but me. 

What will it take for you to move from your head into your heart? The heart is proven to be 20,000 times more powerful than your brain. 

Right now if you are reading this and you feel it in your heart, that is your key of where to start. Your heart is the centre of your knowledge and will lead you to where you are here to be and the person you are here to be.

I’ve said for years that the whole is totally the wrong way around. It’s about BE.DO.HAVE! 

Be who you really are now and you will do what you are really here to do. And then you can have what your heart desires. 

We have become conditioned into a world that seems to feel labels are good to put on people. I couldn’t disagree more. If I wanted to label be I could say I am a OCD, Hyper, Plant eating, wellness nutter. Instead I choose to say I’m all about loving life and liberating me because I can. My life, my choices, what about you? 

I am saying this today as I want you to know you are NOT blocked, you are NOT broken. You have forgotten who you are and Being who you really are will set you free. 

Big Smiles


P.S. In this glorious sun we are having in the UK, I made a video about this. Check it out here. 

And if you want to BE YOU, then congratulations, I’d love to help and support you. 

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