I believe…..

I believe…

Martin Luther King shared many years ago that he had a dream. He was inspiring, motivated and truly “believed” in his mission. I have always been totally in awe of his conviction to his cause. I resonate with his passion and his authority. 

For me it’s this….

I believe in unity

I believe that we all have opportunity

I believe we all have our own unique identity and living it is part of our why

I believe that we can all change who we are and how we live life 

I believe there is a time for us all to shine

I believe that we have been programmed based on where we have been, how we have lived and what we have experienced

I believe we can change all of that if we choose to

I believe we can all live a life with pleasure and happiness

I believe in simplicity and that life is simple yet we by our learned behaviour make it complicated to make us feel needed

I believe that the human race is in a place of healing 

I believe that oneness is part of our future

I believe that as a collective that is united we can achieve anything

I believe that life is an adventure and how varied that is, is based on your choices

I believe that we are here to explore

I believe that you will go on a journey to discover what your true path is and it is one unique to you

I believe that our perspective can be changed very easily when we the person or thing that is here to do that arrives in our life

I believe that the world is your Lobster waiting for you to discover, create and live it. 

I believe in YOU and your purpose in life

What about you? What do you believe?


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