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Who’d want to be money?

When we get on to the subject of money it triggers a myriad of emotions in many people. I mean really, who would want to be it? It gets called evil, it’s blamed for all the shit that goes wrong in your life, it is told it’s never around when you need it, it’s told it is unreliable and it’s the easiest thing for you to say that is why your life is the way it is. 


The above applies when you have lots of it, it applies when you have enough to get by and it applies when you have so little you feel trapped. So what is the real story and how do you change how you feel about it? And note there I said feel, Not think

Now when I talk about money, I have serious form in this area. I get the highs and the lows and I also spent years trying to fix my money issues with my mind! Guess what, it helped, it never really got to the route of what was going on and I am going to share why that was. 

Money is Currency, currency is energy!

So we see money as a physical thing right, that is what we are taught to do. We see it as being in our bank account or not so which may be the case. Yet when you go from the space of it being currency that exists ALL around us. Currency is everywhere. A common saying is that there is more money in flow every day than there was the day before. Looking at it from this space means that we can start to see it as abundant and there for everyone as no one owns it exclusively do they. The banks have their share, and they can be seen as holding the reins as that’s where we hold our money, yet, it is merely a space for us to put it whilst we use it for our experiences.

Now for the real question – What do you really feel about money?

A few weeks ago I wrote an article called a Love letter to money, you can read it if you like by clicking on the link attached. Writing love letters to money has become part of my norm. Why you ask? Well because it is my continual check in on how I feel about money and how I am growing because of my ever changing feelings about it. I did at one point see it as my biggest enemy. We were not friends, in fact it was one of the most fractious relationships in my life. It was the one that I had the least connection with and the one that I was working on from a mind space and not a heart space, hence at that time it took me a long time to get friendly with. Money didn’t want to know about my thoughts, it wanted to know how I felt in my heart. There is a common saying that you will not remember what someone said, or what it was about, you will always remember the way it made you feel! 

So, STOP, STOP right now, sit back from whatever you are doing (reading this 😉 ) close your eyes and go into your body, ask yourself the question “How do I feel about money?” The first thing that pops into your mind will be your truest feelings about it right now. Now go into your body, where do you feel it? For me it generally goes to my heart, everyone is different so you might be somewhere else. Now where it went is a good clue as to how you really feel in connection with the word. Our body holds all the answers as to why our external life is playing out the way that it is and where we need to go to transform it into what we really desire. 

The real~ality! 

Fixing this shizzle is painful, yes PAINFUL! Why, because it will be attached to memories, experiences, feelings of lack, feelings of self worth, feelings of love that we wanted yet didn’t get for whatever reason. 

When you face this head on, you can deal with anything. Does it take courage, hell yes! Does it take time, like you never imagined, yet…..when you experience the pain, you can heal the trauma, when you face the fear of the trauma you can explore where it is triggered and heal it. When you finally get to the route(s) you can truly liberate you and become the power that money is a by product of. 

Where did you lose your dance?

For many years I forgot how to dance with life, why? I got so damn serious about everything. I approached life with trauma and fight, ease a grace didn’t factor in my equation. I had become conditioned in the corporate world into fighting for what I wanted to achieve. I came from a  space of anger not ease and I burned me out in the process. They say that hitting rock bottom or in some cases the multiple levels of it is what you need to do to start making your way back up again and that is so very true. 

The Heart and Soul era.

The great news! The energy of the planet has changed and we are now in an era of heart and soul. You may have noticed some things happening that you have never seen before. In my local town sadly a few weeks ago a young girl was murdered. She was only 20 and well her life here this time was a short one. One of the great purposes I see of her life was that she has helped create a unity in this area. Everywhere you look there are pink ribbons. Someone decided to start selling them to raise money for her family and they are everywhere! It’s a beautiful thing to witness and feel the love that is being shared for her and through her. The community is uniting with love to support each other. Tamworth is a sleepy little town where not much usually happens, this happened for us and she will be remembered long beyond the years she was physical here due to the unity of her passing has created. 

So in this heart and soul era money wants you to feel about it differently. This morning I was chatting to a client who has come to me because she is feeling trapped by money. She said that money is important. I challenged her on that. I said my darling money is not important, experience is, experience is what you are craving, money is merely the facilitator of the experience. Let go of giving money the power and give experience the chance to be in your life. Money is the by product, it is always there and always in flow, that’s how it works. By letting you go with the flow and allowing the flow to happen you will become a part of that flow and then you will flow with life rather than against it. 

So now you will hopefully be seeing why I say ask yourself how you feel about money and this is the one question that will open the floodgates and allow you to heal from the past stories you have been telling you and start to create the new stories that you are now here to experience. 

Too many people among us want to achieve for the sake of it and never really ask why. In the movie Moana, she sings a song questioning what her life is all about. She talks of staring at the water longing and never really knowing why. It’s not until she goes on a journey of self discovery outside of anything she has ever know that she really get to what it’s all about. Maybe you are reading this as it’s your time to truly start your journey of purpose and making your special mark on this world. We all have a purpose and one that we came here to live and vibe. One that the world needs to hear from YOU, yes YOU. We all have a role to play, playing in the way you have been might have just been the preparation to get you to where you are really destined to go. 

How will I know?

Well that’s simple, go into your heart right now and ask this question…..Am I truly happy?

For me happiness is one of the most underrated energies on the planet, it’s totally free and so many people live without the freest energy there is. A smile to brighten someone’s day is free, a simple gesture of asking someone how they are is free, a hug the most powerful thing you can give to someone is also free. So again, are you truly happy? 


In a few short months this decade is over and we start a whole new one with a truly magical combination of numbers in 2020. Right now you can start, you can throw down the gauntlet and you can mark that line in the sand, step over it metaphorically speaking and you can make a move. 

I often hear people complaining that they are growing old, it is a blessing that is denied to far to many. Whilst I truly believe we all have a time that we are needed here, LIVING and THRIVING in that time is a choice. Life can be anything you make it, first you make a choice to be it, then you take each day as it comes and on each and everyone of those days you can take inspired action to become and BE who you really are. 

Final thought…

A while ago I heard this quote,

If you don’t heal what hurt you, you will bleed all over people that didn’t cut you!

Let that sink in for a while. 

Final Question…

When will you start really living the life you came here to live? 

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