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A Love Letter to Money…

At some point in all of our lives, we write love letters. Part of my journey with money been to heal the traumatic relationship that we had at one point. So I write a love letters to money, I have written many over the years. They change and evolve as I do.

When we look at the world today and why it is so very traumatised, there are two reasons for me. Money has the wrong meaning for many and Love is not unconditional for everyone.

Dealing and healing these things will help everything and everyone change.

Getting in to UNflow of life , is how I got where I am today. I stopped working with everyone elses flow and adopted my very own. I UNbecame the person I was, I UNplugged from the matrix, I did me UN conditionally and now the result is peace, harmony and UNconditional LOVE for all!

Writing these letters has helped me evolve into a life I had only ever dreamed of, now it’s my real~ality. To serve you all, I share my vibe on how I did it.

I know that my story is not totally unique and that we all have similar issues. I hope that in sharing it in this article it beings some insight to you and shares with you how I healed from my pain and trauma. I wanted to share with you what I said…

My LOVE letter to money <3

Writing to you again is all part of my journey, I look forward to now connecting with you in a whole new way and seeing you for who you really are.

In my early years, I was the rich kid that was never really that rich. My parents had money, not me. I felt lost and alone. Whatever I got, I got rid of. I didn’t trust me and I linked money to EVERYTHING!!! Which I now see wasn’t awful, the issue was how I was aligning you with everything. When I lost most of what I had created in my life, I realised that it was never about money in they first place. It was about me and who I was showing up as in life.

Over the years we have had a very, very tumultuous relationship. I have loved you, I have hated you, I honestly at times have despised you and that is not kind. I realise that now. And I realise more than ever it was never you, it was me and how I felt. I got so frustrated that others seemed to be such good friends with you and not me! Like any amazing relationship we had to learn to love each other and to respect each other. I had never really been taught that and it has taken me many years to get there.

Now I am in a much better place and life is calmer and more connected. All sorts of opportunities are landing at my feet. Things I never imagined possible and I am starting to see how we can become the bestest of friends. I am grateful for that.

The world has become such a broken place because of how so many view you. I see now totally that you had me travel the road I did so that I could understand in a way I never did before that you only want good for everyone. Us humans have gotten it so mixed up for so long. We have failed to see that you are part of us and that you were only ever about love. You have been used and abused by so many. My role now here is to help people back to love so that they can see you for who you really are and that you are simply the same as us…..ENERGY.

Thank you, thank you with every cell of my being for being my teacher, my guide and most of all a wonderful mirror. You reflection has taught me things I would never have seen without the experience you shared with me.

I am blessed, I am grateful, I am love, I am abundance on a whole new level ?

With so much love

Clare x


Now, whenever I go into the vibe of money, I no longer use the word money. I have replaced it, I now say ENERGY as that is exactly what it is.

I heard a saying and I feel it is so profound and I have expanded on it a little.

Nobody OWNS money, it is in circulation for all of us. We all can have our share as their is more than enough for everybody. There is more ENERGY(money) in circulation everyday than there was the day before.

If right now it is not in your life the way you would like. Look at where LOVE ranks and that will help you to know where you start in changing it.

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and story.

Big Smiles


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