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The Law of The Heartset Part 1

TODAY I woke in a pretty interesting energy. I had messaged my life trainer last night sharing what I wanted to discuss in our call today and it said, I want to explore what is holding me back from my next steps. 

I had let go of the answer to this. My head for years has ruled me and I have now learned to go into a quiet space and to listen to my heart, my emotions and understand what my triggers are and made space for them to be healed. 

I was late for the call! There was a resistance to get onto the call and I eased me by holding my own hand and sharing it was ok. My Life Trainer is amazing so I knew there would be no issue with my tardiness! That comes from someone who up until recently had major issues with someone being 1 minute later than we had arranged 

So within minutes, I was in tears. Before I immersed me as I would have done months ago into the emotion, she said, ok, let’s explore this and let’s heal it. What are you feeling? 


Ok, let’s deal with that.

The next 90 minutes brought up so much. A revisit of an experience when I was 6 years old predominantly. One where the emotion I felt was abandonment and loneliness. Where that 6-year-old me needed to be hugged, told it was ok. She was told she was pathetic and to suppress the emotion and move on. She felt abandoned and lonely. 

She wanted love and acceptance and this was not what she got. So today I gave her that, I helped her, I felt that pain, I resolved that pain. I went to a place of healing I needed to go to. 

This is what came next….

I am here to teach people when they have overcommitted, half-hearted and not committed because we lack trust due to the experiences we have had that have emotionally scarred us and we don’t get to that place as we have no idea how to heal it and it hurts. It hurts too much to go in, then top that off with scarcity of having no clue “how” to deal with it. 

We perceive it is much easier to put it in a box with a lid on locked tight and to not deal with it. The only issue with that is that it jumps up and bites us on the ass when we least expect it! YET, that is when we get the opportunity to heal, if we allow the desire to heal to override the feeling of the fear of the emotion that it will provoke. 

The mind naturally upgrades to this new default when you resolve the pain. 

Owning and understanding the power of your heart has become for me THE most powerful force in my life. 

Letting GO and evolving has been my most profound lesson thus far. 

Blame no longer exists in my world…Why? Because I see life in a new light. I have been on a 20-year journey of self-evolution to get to where I am today and I was the most impatient person I knew, so it’s been a long old road. 

YET ~ In living and vibing this life I have had so far, I have naturally become who I am due to the choices I have made. 
Some were harmful, some were hurtful, some were magical, all have been meaningful. 

In this era of Heart and Soul energy that we are now fully immersed in the choice of how your life now plays out, I would have said lies in your hands, now I say the choice of how your life plays out from here on in lies in your heart. Your heart is the power of you and will vibe what it is feeling. 

Clearing my energy of old hurts has, as I have said been profound. I wanted to share this so that we can all see that we are an evolution and perception can be your biggest ally or your most challenged enemy. 

Which one will your choices lead you to?


I have wanted to write this first part of the Law of the Heartset for weeks. I had the title pop into my head weeks ago. Heartset came to me in a dream YEARS ago! I had no idea what it was or how I would articulate it. So first I have lived it so that I can say from experience what it has brought me to and to me. 

So from a former impatient person, I encourage you to vibe and to feel what you have been scared to. My intuition has been upgraded to a whole new level and I so have I. In a very humble way. I LOVE IT! 

I’d love to know, what has this said to you. Where in your body can you feel it from reading this? What is the emotion you are feeling whilst reading this? I would love to know if you will share. 

Watch out for the next chapter in this series. I would love to say it will be on XYZ date, the reality is I have no idea when it’s going to come and I am cool with that. I trust that it will drop in just when it is supposed to and that people s what LIFE UN INC is all about part 1.

Here’s to many more….mwah xx

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