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The New Era


It’s been a while! I took the summer off pretty much and the last week has been getting back into the swing of things. I on reflection should have scheduled the blogs weekly for the whole of August, but hey all good.

It was amazing to have some time away from the UK over the summer and I went to my beautiful space in Spain. I love it there,. It was a time of reflection and expansion.

Just before I went one of my business partners shared this interview with me. I really encourage you to watch it, I promise it’s well worth the time. The poem I wrote below came to me while I was walking my dog when I got home. I grabbed my notes on ym phone and just wrote what was coming. It came in 2 minutes.

It for me is all about where we are heading. Love to hear what came up for you.

I will be back from next week with a weekly Vlog that came to me while I was away.

Have a wonderful POETS day.

Big Smiles

Clare xox


The era we have lived

It’s ready for a huge change

Humanity is broken

Some have become quite deranged


The greed and the fighting

Have ruled for so long

That the humans have forgotten

What it is to belong


The shift is about us

The shift is so real

The shift is for humanity

To come together and heal


A collective of people

A collective of grace

A movement of evolution

We have now to embrace


Humanity is creating a new revolution

A new way of being

A total explosion


A love so powerful

It smashes down walls

That no one ever imagined

Could come to a fall


The twenties are an era of heart and of soul

They came to show us we can truly have it all

The days we have traveled were there as a guide

On how very challenging life can be when you try


This era is living

In a way we will bore

It’s a true inspiration of the lessons we ignored


The now is for embracing

The future is encasing

A life well worth living

A life for embracing

Now look on your past and step into the revolution

Your heart and your soul, are your most powerful evolution

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